1) L'Amour Toujours* (Tanzen Vision RMX) 6.58
2) Campane 3.38
3) La Danse (Tanzen Vision RMX) 6.15
4) Another Way (Tanzen Vision RMX) 6.15
5) La Marche Electronique 6.01
6) Spostamento 5.05
7) Your Love (Elisir)** (In F.M. Mix) 5.34
8) Another Way Video 3.31

Published By Media Songs SRL / Warner Bros Music Italy / Sub-Publishing Control for Gema Territories: Warner Chappell
Produced by: Gigi D'Agostino
Executive Producer By: Gianfranco Bortolotti
*Written by: L. Di Agostino - P. Sandrini
Arranged & Mixed by: Gigi D'Agostino - P. Sandrini
**Written by: L. Di Agostino - P. Sandrini - D. Leoni
(P) 2000 Media Records GMBH, (C) 2000 Media Records GMBH

A Special Limited Edition "Digipack" also exists for this CD. It's on the same label and contains the same songs. The case is made out of hard paper and not the traditional plastic CD case. (See Pictures)