4/4/01 (BXR- ITALY) The voting for the Danish Deejay Awards in Copenhagen this coming sunday (April 8th) is about to end. GGDAG is going to win the Public Award. The award voted by the Radio NRJ listeners for the best new artist in the danceprogram Extravadance. Now Gigi has 37 % of the votings and MAURO PICOTTO has 31%
3/22/01 (BXR - ITALY) Last night GIGI D AGOSTINO joined the 6th edition of the PIM. He had a special award, the radio deejay one, from the hands of the famous dj of the radio ALBERTINO, for his great career (more than 12 platinum records!). He''s the first dj who has this important award and he''s considered the italian dance flagbearer in all the world!
3/21/01 (BXR - ITALY) Yesterday night GIGI D AGOSTINO showed up at the italian music event, the PIM. The event will be broadcasted tonight at 11 pm, on Italia1. Check it out!
3/14/01 (BXR - ITALY) Today "Supèr" conquers the n.16 in the spanish sales chart. Yes, GIGI D AGOSTINO is really famous in Spain, where, as you remember, also "L''Amour Toujours" was a great success.
3/7/01 (BXR - ITALY) GIGI D'AGOSTINO's "La Passion" is now n.1 in Belgium territory too! Great, GGDAG is conquering the whole Europe!
2/27/01 (BXR - ITALY) Great news for you: would you like to write a SMS to GGDAG? Would you like to send him a email? But expecially would you like that GGDAG reads your message? Now you can: from his home page at www.gigidagostino.com you can find this mobile number (+39 333 6467662) and an email address(gigi@gig.it). We know that GIGI always reads them... so, try it!
2/26/01 (BXR - ITALY) Great, after 5 weeks "Supèr" is still n 4 in the italian sales chart, while "Tecno fes vol2" reached the position n. 14! Great!
2/7/01 (BXR - ITALY) The new GGDAg single will be chosen from the new "Tecno Fes vol 2" but we don''t know the title, yet. You want more infos... stay online!!!
1/31/01 (BXR - ITALY) GIGI D AGOSTINO is working on a new remix. The track he chose is the succesfull "Carillon", signed by Magic Box, and it will be distributed just abroad, not in Italy.
1/30/01 (BXR - ITALY) Great success for both the new works of the famous GIGI D'AGOSTINO who, in just two weeks, reached the top of the Italian Sales Chart. Well, "Supèr" is n.2 in the Italian Single Sales Chart, while Tecno Fes vol 2 has just entered in the Album Sales Chart, straight to n. 23.
1/19/01 (BXR - ITALY) We're waiting for the final version of the GGDAG & ALBA video. We know it has just been released in Germany and now you can watch to the backstage at this web address: www.mediarec.it.
1/17/01 (BXR ITALY) The Italian Music Awards is the first edition of a special dance awards event that will choose the best Dance Artist, Single, Album, New Artist ... in the italian scene of the year. GIGI D''''AGOSTINO is nominated among the five BEST DANCE ARTISTS of the year. The event will take place February 5th, in Milan. Visit the official website.
1/12/01 (BXR ITALY) Today is a nice day. From 10,00 AM, "Supèr" by Gigi D''Agostino & Albertino in all the best Italian records shops. For info, e-mail us, for order, contact info@global-net.it.
1/9/01 (BXR ITALY) NOISEMAKER presents... GGDAG & ALBA "Supèr", on Friday 12th at 10 am in all the best records shops!
1/4/01 (BXR ITALY) GIGI D AGOSTINO has just had two important Awards in Germany, a Platinum one for the album "L''Amour Toujours" and the other one for "La Passion".
1/2/01 (BXR ITALY) In the European Dance Traxx 2000, in the section TOP 40 ARTISTS we find MAURO PICOTTO at n. 13 and GIGI D''AGOSTINO at n. 14. Great!